6 Reasons To Make the Switch to Bamboo Brushes

So you’ve made a few single use switches to reusable alternatives - good on you, but what about that sponge in your kitchen? Most sponges are made from petroleum-based materials that are hard to recycle and can take hundreds of years to break down. And that’s not all, when you wash your dishes with a plastic sponge, it sheds tiny fibres known as micro-plastics, which then drain into waterways where they harm fish and other aquatic life. The good news is there’s a much better earth-friendly alternative: bamboo brushes!

Bamboo dish brushes are effective as traditional sponges, but without harming the planet. If you hope to make your cleaning more eco-friendly, here are 6 reasons to convince you to make the switch to bamboo brushes today.

1. Effective

The key to choosing the right brush is to find one that’s strong enough to scrub off food particles without damaging your dishes. Our brushes are made with bamboo handles with bristles that are compostable, plastic- free and made with plant fibres which is a nice balance of soft and tough- they’ll get rid of everything off your pots, pans and dishes without leaving scratches. 

2. Easy to use

When it comes to dish brushes, ergonomic design means everything. Our dish brush comes with a long firm handle that can help you reach into tight spots while the pot & pan scrubber has a soft, round grip-able handle that makes it easy to scrub off the gunk.

3. Eco-friendly

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for bamboo brushes is the fact that they’re made from plants. Since the handles are made from bamboo and the bristles come from vegetable fibres, you can toss them into the compost bin when you’re done with them! 

4. Durable & long lasting

Our brushes are super durable and with proper care, these brushes can last 4 to 5 months which is significantly longer than your typical sponge! To clean the brushes, soak the bristles in hot water and vinegar, then store the head down to allow moisture to flow away.

5. Cost effective

Since our brushes last quite some time, you don't need to purchase a new one every week. When the bristles from your dish brush finally wear out, you can simply remove the head and replace it with a new one - no need to buy another handle! You can also save when you buy our Natural Dish Brush Set which consists of five bamboo brushes for dishes, bottles and pots & pans. Not only are you saving the planet by buying these brushes, you are saving your wallet!

6. Versatile

Bamboo brushes are not limited to the kitchen, you can also use them to scrub down your bathroom, laundry, bbq and more.

With all the amazing benefits bamboo brushes have to offer for your kitchen cleaning, making the switch seems like a no-brainer choice. You can feel good every time you wash the dishes knowing you're also looking out for the planet. 

You can shop our Natural Dish Brush Set here.